Sunday, 19 December 2010

The idea of not treating citizens that smoke or who are overweight

This is country becoming a thought province of the USA ,where we immitate their policies as our leaders have no real depth of thought of their own.
where is the forward ideological thinking that produced great men such as Greenwood ,attlee and Bevan who undertook their duties with pride to help the poorest member of society .
They helped to transform this countries health care into a world leader that it is, free , at point of need, and into this it signifies around the world our free healthcare .
Not like in america where there are oasis's of excellence and seas of squalor with their healthcare .50.7 million Americans—16.7% of the population are were uninsured,Thats almost our population without healthcare . If there is one thing we do amazingly well in this country it's our healthcare ,looking after the weakest memebers of society yes there are mistakes as there are in all walks of life but it's free . Instead of refusing to help them ,point out what they are doing is detrimental to their health.
Are we going to stop repairing the limbs of cavers hand-gliders or rock climbers as it has associated dangerous elements , no this government insisting to persecute the people who are the lowest income thats all . absolutely puerile

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